“Unlocking cleaner energy for Europe and the region”



CHC will achieve sustainable success by conducting its business based on clear values and behaviours which form both the content of its policies and the culture of its workforce. Cypriot natural gas resources will have a key role to play in the regional and European transition to cleaner energy sources, and CHC will be focused on ensuring these resources are developed in the most sustainable way.

Values & Behaviours

  • Safety

    Safety will always remain our first priority. In all our activities we ensure the safety and security of our people and others around us. We care about safeguarding the environment. We will develop and exploit the Republic of Cyprus hydrocarbon resources safely.


  • Integrity

    All our relationships and personal interactions will be based on integrity. All our activities will be in compliance with Cypriot and European laws and regulations. We will develop trust with others by maintaining high ethical standards and behaviours, in addition to maintaining transparency in our objectives.


  • Respect

    We will undertake our activities by respecting the procedures and processes we set for our company. We will respect all individuals’ input and points of view. We will have the fortitude to speak up and stand by our beliefs. We will recognise and be considerate of how our activities impact those around us.

  • Responsibility

    We will safeguard the interest of our company shareholders in the development and exploitation of its hydrocarbon resources. We will actively develop our people and promote the development of others to enable a sustainable hydrocarbon industry in the Republic of Cyprus.


  • Collaboration

    A collective team effort will always achieve more than an individual. We will always put the team before our individual priorities and work for the greater good. We will share knowledge and lessons to promote collective development. Developing and maintaining relationships with external stakeholders is essential in realising the maximum value for all.


  • Code of conduct

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HSE Policy

Safety is a core value for CHC and as such, it remains CHC first priority and a key element of all CHC’s activities.

CHC is committed to ensuring occupational health, operational safety, environmental protection and community goodwill in order to achieve the sustainable development of hydrocarbon resources offshore Cyprus.

For this purpose, the Occupational Health and Safety Management System has been established and the CHC Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Strategy has been initiated.

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