The CHC Executive team has the ability to contribute to all parts of the hydrocarbon value chain, including potential resource assessments, field development concepts, risk assessments related to major investments, and operations. This capability allows the company to be able to support the monetisation of the hydrocarbon resources discovered in the Cyprus EEZ.

Our Commercial capability

  • Ability to interpret the market in order to engage effectively in marketing discussions
  • Supply & Demand balance
  • Formulation of forward price curves
  • Linking the global LNG market to regional net-back prices
  • Outlining terms for pipeline gas and LNG contracts

Our Subsurface capability

  • Regional Basin Analysis of the Cyprus EEZ
  • Prospect Identification & Evaluation
  • Evaluation of hydrocarbon volumes & reserves in confirmed discoveries
  • Reservoir characterization and management
  • Assessment of hydrocarbon exploration risk & risks associated with field depletion

Our Facilities & Field Development capability

  • Bringing together the links in the value chain, in order to develop and assess field development plans & support commercial activities
  • End to end costs analysis
  • Review of development concepts and establishing implications for commercialization
  • Perform monetization studies to establish the economic potential of hydrocarbon prospects in Cyprus’ EEZ
  • Review of emerging technologies