Offshore Technology Day Event

November 30, 2022

CHC in collaboration with Net Zero Technology Centre, Scottish Enterprise, Worley, SUT – Society for Underwater Technology and Lavar Shipping successfully organized a Offshore Technology Day event to promote innovation and technology in the field of Offshore Energy with emphasis on concepts that support the efforts for the Energy Transition and Decarbonization.

The event was designed to foster and promote dialogue between relevant stakeholders and connect representatives from government, academia, the private sector, cross sector and internationally to discuss opportunities for collaboration in key projects and concepts with high regional potential applications.

As a future gas-producing nation, Cyprus has an obligation to ensure that the Natural Gas that it will produce will be as clean as possible. By being at the planning stage, rather than already in production, CHC, the Ministry of Energy and all relevant stakeholders, have an opportunity to promote from the beginning the technologies and solutions necessary to achieve our targets for the production of ever cleaner energy. Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company is actively involved in applied Research and Development activities almost since its inception and will continue to support targeted technology concepts and ideas.

The cornerstone of the Offshore Technology Day event was the Pseudo Dry Gas System technology, which is a deep-water subsea separator targeting long subsea gas tiebacks. The construction of the prototype, as well as key pilot and testing elements are being carried out in Cyprus.

CHC has supported the development of this technology since 2018. More details on the development of the technology, and how it is relevant to deepwater gas developments, can be found by following the link below;

Worley INTECSEA partners with OGTC on innovative Pseudo Dry Gas Liquid Removal technology